Do you wonder about the meaning of your dreams? Are there nightmares that haunt your sleep?

Every night, our dreams offer us a glance beyond our limiting beliefs. They are a powerhouse of creativity and insight.

Sometimes these experiences can feel overwhelming or confusing. Through dream coaching you can gain clarity and confidence in the messages from your dreams

I offer dream coaching, online and live in Brussels for those who feel the need to understand their dreams and feel at peace with their nighttime experiences.

Together we can retrieve the capacity to navigate the sea of our own imagination

Through dream coaching you can:

  • Integrate shadows that are holding you back to live fully
  • Experience a deep sense of aliveness and connection
  • Access collective wisdom that supports your intuition

A dream that is not understood remains a mere occurrence; understood it becomes a living experience.

Carl Jung

Some words from others

Harald’s presence is steady and compassionate, playful and well educated. In one of our dreamscape movements both a beginning and an ending to a childhood dream became clear. This was so healing to me as I had only accessed a short piece of this dream, originally a nightmare, that I had been transforming, learning and courting for years.


During the dream sessions I received insight into the quests that were taking place deep inside the body, which is a very useful tool for me, given that I struggled a bit with feeling myself. Because of this, unprocessed traumas and deeply rooted misconceptions began to move in a very short time. It certainly didn’t feel frightening, out of curiosity about the internal kitchen it became a very positive and instructive journey. It’s incredible how your subconscious mind is teaching you things to be self-healing.


My approach

Curiosity, creativity and lightness are at the core of my work.

I combine effective dreamwork methods with coaching interventions to get to the heart of the matter. What is most important in your life right now?

A part of the work is focussed on creating healthy sleeping habits, that allow you to experience inspiring dreams.

After you work with a dream, a powerful “aha”-moment can occur for you. “So, THAT is what I need.”

However, understanding a dream message is one thing, learning how to act upon it, yet another. I then help you identify what action and habits are required to feel fulfilled.

These interventions and practices are based on my experience working with dreams and body-work for the past 8 years. With people from many different backgrounds and beliefs.

If you are curious to experience my approach then you can find a short “taster” of an embodied dreamwork method in the video below.

About me

Eight years ago, I stumbled upon a book on lucid dreaming. After experiencing the exhilarating moments of freedom in my first lucid dream I knew my life would never be the same again.

I’m a certified coach, body-psychotherapist and dreamworker. My mission is to rekindle a sense of wonder and wildness in the people around me.

I feel really proud to have validated my intuitive approach by performing research on the connection between the body and dreams in my thesis “The synergy between dreamwork and dance-movement therapy”.

Working with dreams is an integral part of my practice in coaching, social work and artistic projects. At every step, dreams are hugely beneficial for both me and my clients.

The location

Online through Zoom and in person at:

Elsene (1050) at Maesstraat 1A


Reach out for more info or
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